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"I do an “establishing the day” type of prayer—knowing that this day is the unfoldment of Love, of divine Mind naturally and effortlessly revealing itself; and all that constitutes my day—everything in my relationships, my home, my harmony—is all divine Principle expressing itself. I can’t be wrongly influenced or disturbed in any way because Love (God) is the only power, and this day belongs to Love. So I establish my day that way, and also several times throughout the day as well. It's very powerful and keeps me right on track." From

Here are four things to improve your relationships, called the four Rs:

Reverse it. Mentally reverse everything that is hurting your relationships. We talked about this earlier. Every trouble is a counterfeit or opposite of a real, tangible, spiritual fact.

Recognize it. When any part of your relationship is good, recognize that the goodness is permanent, not fleeting and fickle. Goodness lasts because it is divine and comes directly to you from the supreme Spirit.

Refuse to give power to the false picture, the negative picture (which is the opposite of good, or life and love — no matter the curveballs life is throwing your way. Hold on to it—it is your divine right.

Rejoice. Rejoice that you deserve all the goodness that Spirit has to offer.

Relationships are important to each of us. The state of our relationships affects our emotions, our productivity and our physical health. Therefore enriching our relationships is good for us and good for everyone around us. So let’s stop being critical, stop keeping score, stop trying to prove we’re right. Let’s enrich our relationships with honesty, gratitude and forgiveness. Let’s be grateful that we are each the dynamic, spiritual reflection of Love. We express love, life and truth. Let’s rejoice divine Love, maintains the tender and rich goodness that fills our lives. Let’s let gratitude and love abide in all our hearts each day of all the years.

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Anonymous Carey said...

Great post, thank you for reminding me that God is love.

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