Sunday, October 04, 2009


If you need radical help in getting yourself out of fear, depression, anxiety, panic, addiction, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts please DO THIS NOW.

STOP EVERYTHING. DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND SIT STILL. Take a deep, long breath. Go outside if possible to the crisp cool air or warm sunshine or even the cleansing rain.

Stop for a moment and enjoy this moment. Know in your inner heart that all is well right now. The sky is not falling. The house is not burning (unless it is); and your heart is still beating.

Unless you are in the middle of an emergency, you have no reason to move or go anywhere for a few moments.

Now, think of 5 things to be grateful for. Really count your blessings. Look up at the trees, the sky, the birds, the flowers. Once your own thoughts are lifted, you can hear higher thoughts and solutions.

There is nothing to worry about. You have all you need right now to be happy and at peace.

All our suffering comes from thinking about the future or the past: what we want and fear we won't get, or what we lost or are afraid of losing, or what mistakes we made. Everything can be restored in proper order, or even better the faster that we turn our attention to the GOOD. In every catastrophe is the seed of something wonderful. "I will restore to you the days the locust has eaten."

If you want an uplift and some encouragement to know that there is nothing ever to fear, check out this website for miracles of healing.

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Victory over Paralysis.. Cancer healed, etc.

I am not religious, but believe God is love.

Christ himself practiced no religion or theology; and he obeyed no theocracy. In fact, he thought the religious leaders of his day were full of shallow dogma, hypocrisy and lies. They were obsessed with flesh and rituals and proper religious clothing or icons, intead of the spiritual laws of love. They had little love for those less fortunate. They were arrogant and obsessed with judging others, completely dismissing the laws of forgiveness and redemption that Christ came to teach.

We are all supposed to heal as Christ told us all to. We literally can see through the eyes of Christ and puts bones back together. I called a C.S. practitioner who prayed for my friend, and my friend was healed instantly from cancer. My son's broken leg healed instantly, and he was born with brittle bone disease.

She is a practitioner and astonishing! No one in the negative "real world" believes healings like this can happen but they happen thousands of times a day — even blindness is healed — and there are numerous healings in weekly magazines. People dismiss it, but I have had so many amazing healings through prayer including alcoholism, suicide, depression, my son's brittle bone disease.

I was raised in this and went away from it, but now that I'm waking up again, I realize this is Quantum Physics and the only thing that really works. It's metaphysics. This method of healing I combine with others. It is the way Christ healed, by seeing good and love as God, and as ALL-powerful, and not to give power to evil. But mainstream fundamentalist churches are so married to their belief in evil as being real, they can't figure it out. You can't heal if you believe in both good and evil; in duality. That's the secret of healing. To take a stand.

Keep your thoughts on the beautiful, the good and the true. Try to think only of your perfect health, or if your loved ones are suffering, think only of their radiant beauty, smile, face, glow, spirit. Make a list of things to be grateful for. Keep out of fear by focusing on the good around you.

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